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                                                              MANEA MATTERS
                                          10 YEARS

                                          OF STATION


          round 10 years ago there were 4 trains stopping at Manea Station each day. When Greater
          Anglia won the Franchise, they vowed to increase this to 22 stops a day but they wanted
     Asupport from the community in the form of Station Adopters to be “the ears and the eyes
      of the company”.  Four of us originally agreed to look after Manea and Whittlesea stations with
      responsibilities ranging from daily health and safety checks, reporting faults, sweeping platforms,
      emptying litter bins through to looking after noticeboards and plant pots. When we signed up, we
      asked for improvements and agreed a list with 15 targets – some we have seen achieved, whilst
      others we still wait for? This is our list in three categories:  Peter Townrow, Station Adopter

       Achieved:                                          Not yet achieved but
                                                         in sight?
      •  Sunday service
      •  Ticket machine                                  •  Platform extensions
      •  Seating and leaflet racks                       •  A car park large enough
                                                           to support travellers from
        in the waiting shed                                Chatteris, Christchurch etc
      •  Platform seating                                  who all used to park in the
                               A Summer Tub
      •  Community noticeboards  - planted by the   This way into   road until their cars were
      •  New plant pots          Adopters                  damaged a few years back
      •  Water tap
                                                          Still remaining from
      •  Signage to village       Fastest time Manea to   that original list ten
      •  A full bus replacement   Cambridge 29 minutes   years ago:
        service                    (Slowest 48 minutes)
      •  Live Indicator boards    Fastest time Manea to   •  Footbridge. Well, we
                                                           thought that was unlikely!
      •  Replacement picket      Peterborough 25 minutes   •  Hourly service - we still
                                   (Slowest 30 minutes)
        fencing                                            press for this

                           The Waiting Shed

          Noticeboard                          Ticket Machine   Covered Waiting Area

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