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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

      Justin was using his part in
      the  expedition  to support
      Magpas Air Ambulance
      (who often attend medical
      emergencies in Manea),
      so, from the frozen Arctic
      Ocean, he called the
      Magpas office to ask for

      Justin stood, thousands
      of miles from anywhere
      and stripped to the waist
      (apparently it was only
      minus 27 degrees) as Dr
      Rod Mackenzie questioned              Cambridge and it was found that he had indeed
      him about the dynamics of the injury. Passing   split the centre-line of his abdominal wall from
      the phone to his expedition partner, Dr   his chest down.
      Mackenzie guided him through a telephone-  “If I hadn’t spoken With Dr Mackenzie that day
      directed examination.                 I quite probably would have delayed my return,

      He  pressed  his  hand  against  Justin’s  torso:   and that delay could have cost me my life.”
      “There’s no structure to your abs, mate - it feels   As he was released from hospital, the surgeon
      hollow - and it feels like your insides are coming   warned, "Don’t train for a few months, and don’t
      out.”                                 take on any major challenges for at least a year.
      The Magpas doctor was quick to diagnose a   Give yourself time to heal."
      catastrophic hernia, his instructions being, “Get   Five months after surgery Justin was back in
      off the ice - get evacuated now - or you could   the Arctic, this time for a ‘world first’ stand up
      die.”                                 paddle board expedition.
      “To call in a rescue would have meant putting
      someone else’s life in danger, and I wasn’t   Justin Miles
      prepared to do that. I lay back on the ice,
      manipulated my insides back through the gap in   You can find out more about
      my abs, made a tight ‘corset’ out of duct-tape   Magpas, the work they do,
      and then walked back to Greenland where I   and how you can support
      could be evacuated safely,” was Justin’s selfless   them by visiting their website
      and very high-risk decision.          

      When Justin returned back  to the  UK he
      underwent surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in

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