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     1956 - 2021

         or years, the Parish Council discussed
         buying a piece of land for a playing field for
     FManea.  In 1952, the year of the Queen’s
      Coronation, the Parish Council secured a bank   the Parish Council, with various groups and
      loan and purchased a six-acre grass field from   clubs in the village volunteering to run a stall,
      Mr Sidney Matthew Guy for £800. The field   raising money for the upkeep of the playing
      was cultivated, levelled and re-seeded and was   field. The dates of the Gala have changed over
      called ‘The S M Guy Memorial Playing Field’.   the years, and ranged from May, June, July and
      The first time the word “Gala” was mentioned   August to September.
      in  the  Parish  Council  minutes,  was  in  1954,   The first “Gala” was
      when plans for a yearly fundraising event
      were discussed, with the aim of raising some   on Saturday 18th
      money  to  help  to  pay for  the  field.  The  very   August 1956
      first fundraiser was in 1953, when a dance
      was arranged by Mrs H Brown and raised 10   In those years the residents of Manea  were
      shillings.                            nearly  all employed in agriculture, so the Gala
                          The  first  “Gala”  had to be arranged around the farming calendar.
                          was on Saturday   During the early 80s, the costs for the upkeep
                          18th August 1956.   of the field were added on to the household
                          Manea Silver Band   rates and the committee organising the Gala
                          headed  up   the  became independent.  A standalone Manea Gala
                          parade and a street
                          collection  raised
                          £11 and 8 shillings.
                          Unf ortunately ,
                          it rained and the
                          day was curtailed
                          until the following
                          For  years  the  Gala
                          was organised by

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