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           llpress Farms grow both conventional   of organic crops, and we have chosen to be
           and organic leeks which are harvested   affiliated with the Soil Association.  The Soil
      Aand  processed  in  our  packing  unit  and   Association  has  protocols  and standards
      sent on to supermarkets for your consumption.    that we are required to adhere to, and we are
                                            subjected  to annual audits to ensure  that we
      Both types of crop are subject to pests and   are  growing  the crops  within  their  stipulated
      weeds, but conventional farming uses chemicals   rules and regulations. Once we have passed the
      to fight them, as well as providing the plants   audit our crops are organically certified.  As our
      with  chemically  based  nutrition.    For  organic
      crops, we use natural means to control pest   We appreciate the ethos of
      problems and to provide nutrition, such as the
      principles of biodiversity and natural composts,   natural farming and have
      as well as hand-weeding the crop.      decided to convert some of our
      There are various organic associations in the   own land for organic growing.
      UK who monitor the growing and treatment

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