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                                                              MANEA MATTERS
     Committee was formed and
     set about raising its own
     funds, which were ploughed
     back into the next year’s
     Gala. The date for the Gala
     was then set for the second
     Saturday in July, each year.
     The Gala had to be totally
     self-funded from here on, so
     pitches began to be hired out
     to retailers. This encouraged
     a much larger footfall each
     year, to the point where
     around 80 different stalls and sideshows now
     attend  with  an attendance  figure  of around   Public safety had to
     2,000+ people. The Gala is put together by a   be our main priority,
     dedicated team of volunteers, some of whom    so we had to make
     serve on the  committee, and others  just turn
     up on the day. All the work is unpaid and gets   the decision to cancel
     done for the pure satisfaction of seeing smiles
     on faces, with great community spirit.   This year’s cancellation was a very difficult
     Sadly Covid-19 brought along the unexpected   decision to make as we could see that
     cancellation of both the 2020 and 2021 Galas.  restrictions were slowly being lifted, but we had
                                            no guidelines to follow as no one knew what
                                            2021 would bring.
                                            Could we justify spending out on hiring main ring
                                            events, toilet hire, advertising, event insurance,
                                            first  aid  cover  etc,  when  no  one  knew  if  we
                                            would be allowed to hold an outdoor event, let
                                            alone an event attracting 2000+ people. The risk
                                            assessment was huge!
                                            Public safety had to be our main priority, so we
                                            had to make the decision to cancel.

                                            We thank each and every one of you who have
                                            been involved in organising, and who have
                                            attended the Gala, over the last 65 years.  We
                                            hope to see you all at the Manea Gala 2022 on
                                            Saturday 9th July ... fingers crossed.

                                            Stephen Short

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