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                                                              MANEA MATTERS



                                            current  owners  have  kindly  lent  their  house
                                            documents,  such  as  conveyances,  deeds  and
                                            other items, which have provided an invaluable
      Piecing  together  information  from  so many   insight into how the village has evolved.
      sources is proving to be a significant challenge   And basically, anything else about the history of
      and the inability to meet up with those in our   our village ...
      community to talk about their recollections has
      significantly curtailed the ability to add to the   Useless fact: During the course
      Village History.                          of research ‘Manea’ has been
      Help is thus requested to document any aspect   found as both a person’s
      of the village’s history that can be recalled. Of   forename and also as a
      particular interest are the following areas:  surname all over America!
      Farms: Their names,  who were the owners/
      farmers, do they exist today, and if not, when   If anyone can help by making notes, which can
      did they cease and were they amalgamated   be passed on once we can once again meet up
      with others?                          then this would be extremely helpful.

      64 Farms are currently listed but very little else   And just a thought – how many of you have
      has been documented to date and there is also   photos or pictures but do not have any details
      a need for pictures in order to create a history of   of who, or where, and even when they relate
      our farming heritage.                 to recorded on them? These are tomorrow’s
      Businesses: What existed, where were they
      located, and when did they cease / change   For further information, questions, comments,
      hands etc?                            or offers of help please contact Martin Hindry
      Buildings: When were they built, who by, and   using  Email:
                                            (preferred) or Telephone 01354 680850
      the owners' history? A growing number of

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