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      – PART TWO                            We can get out

                                            and about more
                                            now and people
          dmund here, 7 months on, and I have   are really nice
          grown so much I had to get a bigger coat - I   to me. They
     Ethink I look rather dapper, don’t you? Turns   ask if they can
      out I got my name from a sponsor so even more   say hello but
      reason to look my best!               it’s not always

      Since last we woofed together, I have been to   convenient, so
      Gloucestershire and had a lovely time seeing   mum  usually
      different  things  and  meeting  my  friend  Suzi.   says no as I
      She was going to be a Guide Dog but she had   can  get easily
      poor health, so she is now a therapy dog letting   distracted and
      children read to her. Suzi also helped me with   must concentrate, but occasionally it’s okay and
                                            I’m always up for a tummy rub.
        She was going to be a Guide         Paws for now.      Edmund
       Dog but she had poor health,
       so she is now a Therapy Dog
        letting children read to her.

      stairs as I hadn’t come across them before. It’s
      a bit scary when you get stuck half way but
      I got the hang of it.  We went for some lovely
      walks, with lots of new smells to fill my nostrils,
      but I was glad when my hooman stopped for
      coffee and food.  I just laid down and took the   Edmund wants to share
      opportunity to have a snooze.
                                                  some more Guide Dogs
                                                      facts with you

                                         •  Not all Guide Dog owners are totally blind
                                         •  The oldest Guide Dog owner was 97
                                         •  Guide Dogs care for over 8,000 dogs
                                         •  Guide Dogs – the charity – helps owners pay
                                           for food and vet bills
                                         •  Income is generated through legacies,
                                           sponsorship and fundraising

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