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             anea seems to draw an eclectic group
             of people into its boundaries and with   “Get off the ice
      Mthem a fantastic array of stories, like
      the  one  about  the  explorer  who  had  a  major   - get evacuated
      medical emergency on his way to the North
      Pole.                                        now - or you
      Manea based adventurer, explorer, author, and   could die.”
      educator Justin Miles was tackling a new route to
      the North Pole in the depths of an Arctic winter
      when things took a dramatic change, bringing   As he pulled his pulks over a ridge he felt the
      him to call on the help of Cambridgeshire based   load start to slip; he braced to take the strain
      Magpas Air Ambulance.                 and as the weight jolted back, he experienced
                                            dynamic pain throughout his torso.
      As Justin hauled his heavy pulks (sleds) across
      the frozen Arctic Ocean, he encountered wave   That  night,  Justin  became  ill;  shivers,  a  fever,
      after wave of pressure ridges of different   pains and nausea. But, feeling a little better the
      heights,  which  are  caused  by pans  of  ice   following morning, the duo pressed on towards
      colliding.                            their objective.
                                                           The hours passed, but it was
                                                           clear that something was
                                                           wrong. Justin’s condition was
                                                           worsening; his energy levels
                                                           were depleting rapidly, he
                                                           was sweating profusely and
                                                           dehydrating, his decision
                                                           making was hindered, and
                                                           eventually he began to
                                                           stumble and stagger.

                                                           Pain washed over him, his
                                                           vision became blurred with a
                                                           yellow tint, his balance failed
                                                           and he crumpled to the ice.

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