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                                                              MANEA MATTERS
      If you are a family that like to walk that bit
      further whilst exploring, the Summer Walk gives
      great opportunities to see parts of the reserve
      not accessible at other times of the year.  With
      views across the wetland reserve, and an extra
      loop this summer through the scrub vegetation
      at the far end, go in search of bugs and beetles
      not found along  the footpaths and  watch for
      young birds (including young cuckoos) getting
      ready  for their  first migration  south.  From
      August we will also have our loop walk around
      Lady Fen open again, for either a 3.5 or 4.5km

        During the summer

      holidays we will have                 By late summer we will be welcoming back
                                            some very special birds – cranes.  As numbers
       activities on offer as               increase in the area, the flock become more
                                            obvious – as well as being very vocal at times
       part of our Wetland                  with their bugling calls.  Quite an experience
                                            to share with your young nature lovers.  Look
           Explorers event.                 out on our website and follow us on Facebook,
                                            Twitter or Instagram to find out about when
                                            is best to visit for spectacles like these in the

         Crane Family Fight

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