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             ildlife gets that little
             bit closer throughout
      Wsummer as many of the
      species to be spotted include the
      thousands of insects that call our
      wetlands home.  Bug hunting and
      pond dipping are fantastic ways
      to get a closer look at creatures
      below the water, amongst the
      grasses and flowers and zipping
      through the air. If you visit Manea
      Pit for pond dipping, maybe make
      a list of creatures you see there
      and then compare to the ones
      at Welney. The two pond dipping stations at   around.   Kneel or sit by the water’s edge so
      Welney, are ready to use self-guided all the time   as not to cast too much of a shadow over the
      with equipment and safety measures provided.   water.  With the net in the water, sweep in a
      You may well have your own net and tray, but   figure of 8 shape a few times. Gently place your
      it is best not to use them on different sites so   net into your tray and wash the contents out.
      that you can make sure you are not transferring   Give it a few minutes for the creatures to reveal
      creatures or their diseases.  Ideal for weekend   themselves, some will be fast and some will be
      days out, holiday fun or when the kids are back   slow, check the water and any plants you catch.
      at school, for home-schoolers’ education.    Don’t forget to carefully return everything back
                                            into the ditch once you have finished.
      Some top tips for pond dipping are to fill the
      tray with water before you even dip a net in the   During the summer holidays we will have
      water, that way your creatures can easily move   activities on offer as part of our wetland
                                            explorers event – pond dipping, bug hunting and
                                            extra special activities including meeting moths.
                                            Our explorer backpacks will provide you with all
                                            the kit you need, these are available to borrow
                                            during the holidays and on weekends.  Getting
                                            closer to nature has many benefits for us from
                                            the physical wellbeing of walking around a
                                            site to the calm it can bring our mental health.
                                            Allowing yourself to be in the moment and to
                                            share experiences like these as a family is well
                                            worth it, whatever your ages.

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