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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

     Bird Kite
     Struggling to get the kids out
     in the garden - why not go
     fly a kite? There are so many
     ways of making a kite; the
     internet is full of instructions
     for more traditional types
     and, for those parents who
     are not blessed with amazing
     craft skills, try this simple
     Bird Kite. Easy to make and
     easy to fly.

                                          Build a den
             Forget the                   We like to think of Summer Holidays as being

         housework and                    continuously hot and sunny, but on those rainy
                                          days there is still nothing better than building
       gardening jobs for                 a den of cushions and blankets and watching
                                          kids’ movies. There are only a limited number
       one day and make                   of summers with our children, so forget the
         some memories                    housework and gardening jobs for one day
                                          and make some memories instead. (Always
               instead.                   ensure the furniture is safe and stable. Other
                                          furniture manufacturers are available!)

                                                                    Amie Bonos
     Sorry these are small, but I hope you get the gist.

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