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      As we all know, keeping kids entertained through the summer
      holidays is often hard work, here I have tried to put together
      some simple ideas on things to do whilst staying at home.

      Liquid Luck                              Magic Wands

      For the Harry Potter fan in your life why not let   Or you can have a turn at making your own
      them go mad creating their own “Felix Felicis”   Wands out of rolled paper, chopsticks or
      or Liquid Luck potion. Mix Ginger Ale, Lemonade   even a real stick from the garden.
      and some gold dust food colouring to give it a
      magical shimmer.

                                                 Magic Wands     How to make magic
          These magic       ...become                                 wands
          ingredients...    Liquid Luck

       Garden Dream Catchers

       ... will get your kids away from the TV and connecting
       back with nature.  Start with a nature scavenger hunt by
       gathering some sturdy twigs, tie them firmly together
       with long grass,  cotton  (or brightly coloured wool will
       work too). Then collect your decorations of feathers
       or pinecones, pretty leaves or empty snail shells and
       let  your  imagination  go  wild!  Once  created,  you  can
       hang them in your garden as pretty decorations or add
       something shiny on them and they can even act as
       scarecrows for the veggie patch.

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