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                                            Government and Natural England provide
                                            advice to farmers, raising our awareness and
                                            understanding of environmentally sustainable
                                            land management. There are supportive
                                            schemes such as the Countryside Stewardship
                                            Scheme,  which  supports  farmers  with
                                            capital items to achieve simple and effective
                                            environmental benefits.

           s farmers,  we  do not  just use  the land   Allpress Farms has set
           to  produce  the  vegetables  and  cereals   aside a quantity of land for
      Athat you put on your table.  We are
      fortunate  to  be  able  to  manage  areas  in  an   this specific scheme.
      environmentally-friendly way for the benefit of
      future generations and, of course, the flora and   Such simple inputs can be providing winter
      fauna with whom we share the earth. Our care   bird food in green cover areas set aside for the
      of the land is designed to improve biodiversity   winter months. The planting and management
      and water quality, and to enhance the natural   of new hedges and tree coppicing (which is a
      environment.                          pruning method where a tree or shrub is cut to
                                            ground level to encourage the regeneration of
                                            new stems).
                                            Another initiative is to allow the land to
                                            ‘regenerate’ by  leaving  it  as grassland  and

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