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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

           Glen House on Christmas Eve         Glen House Main Drain on Christmas Eve

      Sunday, 07:30, Glen House pumps were still
      going, but only two as the drain had dropped
      another 7cm. Purls Bridge pumps had caught up
      and had lowered the drain 80cm, something of
      a relief.
      Bank Holiday Monday. Still two pumps running
      at Glen House, but the level had dropped a little
      more. I went out with the tractor, clearing a drain
      behind Charlemont, then to Purls Bridge and the
      pumps there, now on top of the job.
      I recorded  376 pumping hours  in four days,
      that’s about 1.23 million tonnes of water
      pumped out of the District, which prevented any
      flooding of land or property within the 3102ha
      Drainage District.
      I had my Christmas on Tuesday 29th December.

      Andy Maddams
      Superintendent, Manea & Welney District
      Drainage Commissioners

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