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           t the age of 14, I told my parents I wanted   vacancy was in March town, I accepted the role.
           to be an undertaker. I did not know   I had four years as the mobile embalmer and
      Aanything  about  the  world  of  funerals   then applied for a position as Funeral Director,
      but I knew that’s what I wanted to do. For my   still with the Co-op. I was successful with my
      work experience I was given a placement at the   application and have worked since 2014 as the
      local crematorium and whilst there I was told   Funeral Director for George James & Son and
      about embalming. I contacted an embalming   Co-Operative Funeral Care in Chatteris. I have
      tutor who asked me if I had ever watched an   had the privilege of looking after many bereaved
      embalming to which I told him I had never even   families in the local area and find it a great
      seen a dead body!                     honour when  families request  for me to look
                                            after them.

                                                    Many thanks to all
                                                  those involved and for
                                                        the support
                                                      I have received.

                                            At the end of September 2020 I noticed the
                                            premises where Johnson’s Ironmongers used to
                                            trade was empty. My dad knew the family who
                                            owned the premises, so a viewing was arranged.
      At 16 years old I watched my first embalming   However, the shop needed a huge amount of
      process take place and I was hooked. I was   work to make it into the funeral home I wanted.
      fortunate enough to have a family who paid
      for my embalming course, so I signed up as a
      student. In 2000 I was offered a position as a
      trainee embalmer. I accepted this position and
      worked with Dignity UK for 9 years. During this
      period, in  2003, I obtained my qualification  to
      become a fully trained embalmer. This was a
      huge achievement for me.
      At the beginning of 2010 I was approached
      again but this time by the Co-op. A position for
      a mobile embalmer was available and as the

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