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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

                                            from restrictions on the number of mourners
          It is very hard when you          who could attend to church services being
        lose a loved one, but losing        cancelled the day before the funeral took
                                            place. As a funeral director I had to enforce
          someone in these times            these changes to the families we were looking
         we currently live in makes         after. The families were all very understanding
          everything even harder.           but this did not make the situation any easier
                                            for them.
                                            If you would like any advice with the restrictions
      On Monday 19th November 2020 work started   please do contact me 24/7 on 01354 651499.
      to refit the whole shop. From that date until
      Sunday 3rd January 2021, apart from a couple of   Kerry Rolfe
      days over the Christmas break, work was carried
      out every day.  Most of the work was completed
      by  village  families.  Perce  Baxter  and  Son
      arranged the carpenters, plasterers, plumber
      and electrician. K.A Keil Decorators carried out
      the decorating.  Along with myself, my husband
      Martin, children Jack and Kodie and other family
      members putting in many hours, we were able
      to open the doors on Monday 4th January earlier
      this year.

      Many thanks to all those involved and for the
      support I have received.
      Last year everyone had a very difficult time with
      the hit of Covid-19. It is very hard when you lose
      a loved one, but losing someone in these times
      we currently live in makes everything even
      harder. In the funeral sector we were dealing
      with changes daily during the first lockdown,

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