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Have you had your Covid vaccine yet? Visited the dentist

      or pharmacy recently? Had care at home or a hospital
      appointment? Then we’d like to hear how it went.

             e’re Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and     We want to
             our job is to listen to what you have to   hear about your
      Wsay about NHS and care services.
      We pass on your feedback to the people running   health and care
      services so that they know if things are working
      well or need improving.                       experiences.
      One way to have your say is through our regular
      Fenland Health and Care Forum.
      It meets every two months to discuss different
      topics and invites local health and care decision
      makers to answer your questions.
      Our meetings are currently running on Zoom.
      Please join us on 8th April, 10th June and 12th
      August from 10:00am to 12:00pm.
      Can’t meet online?  We still want to hear about
      your health and care experiences.

      Get in touch

      Contact Healthwatch for details of how to join
      the forum sessions or to give us your feedback
      about the services you or a family member uses.
       •  Call: 0330 355 1285
       •  Text: 0752 0635 176

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