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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

          Dates and Times            Location             Contact Details

      Various                  Royal British Legion
      Third Wednesday every
      month 4:00pm to 8:00pm   Royal British Legion
      Third Sunday morning of   Manea Orchard        Lisa Eves
      every month exc winter
      Friday afternoon every   Royal British Legion  Just turn up
      fortnight at 2:00pm
      Wednesdays               Various     
      Afternoons on Tuesdays   Royal British Legion  Joan 680348
      First Thursday each month at   Royal British Legion  Steph 680913
      Monday 7:45pm for
      rehearsals               Royal British Legion  Howard 07920 776732
      Various                  Various     

      Various                  Around the village
                                                     07770 851967
      Saturday 1:00pm to 3:00pm             or
      Training Wednesday evenings  Playing Field
      Monday afternoons 1:30pm
      to 3:30pm                Village Hall          Jean 680803 or Marlene 680974
      Thursdays 10:00am - bench   Manea              Linda 07747 795270
      opposite Manea School
      4th Tuesday of every month                     Glynis  688181
      at 7.30pm                TBC         
      Mondays                  Village Hall

      Tues evgs 7:00pm - 8:30pm    Village Hall      Jayne 650645
      Contact to check first               
      Various                  Park        

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