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      – PART ONE                               around Manea - I’m the one
                                               Some of you might see me

                                                 in the blue coat, which is
                                                        my uniform.

                                            Because I am aiming to be one of the 5,000 guide
                                            dogs every bit of my training has a purpose and
                                            I learnt really quickly that if I do well, get a treat
                                            - pawfect for my empty tummy – I’m always
                                            Paws for now. Edmund

           ello my name is Edmund and I am a guide
           dog puppy. I came to Manea on the 28th
     HJanuary and it was quite scary at first, as
      I was only 8 weeks old, just 5kg and had had
      the company of my brothers and sisters at the
      breeding centre at Leamington Spa.
                                                 Edmund wants to share some
      But I needn’t have worried as my new hooman   Guide Dogs facts with you
      mum Myriam gives me lots of pawticles,
      cuddles and toys to play with and bit by bit I’m
      getting  more  confident  and  I’m  happy  in  my     Started in
      surroundings. I have my own bed and I like to         1931 with
      take a teddy with me for company when mum’s           just 5 dogs
      not around.  Also, all the food in the bowl is mine
      - no sharing - I like it here!                    It costs £64,000 for
                                                         a guide dog’s life
      Some of you might see me around Manea - I’m
      the one in the blue coat, which is my uniform to    Guide Dogs are active
      tell you who I am. It allows me to go anywhere           in 31 countries
      like shops, cafés, buses, trains etc. But it’s not
      all uniform days as I get lots of play and exercise      Around 1,000 pups
      interacting with other dogs. It’s great but I must       are born every year
      be respectful and play nice.

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