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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

      8.  What was the lure of Manea, to     14.  Why did you decide to call time?
      make you want to move here?            I need some sleep! (Lydia!)
       We had been running the bar at The
       Manea Gala for a few years so had met   15.  Was it a hard decision?
       many of the locals. I think we originally   Not after this year!
       thought ‘what a lovely quiet village pub
       to retire into’ we never anticipated how   16.  What will you miss most, now you
       busy and lively it would be! Weekends   have ‘retired’ from being publicans?
       were amazing with a fantastic vibe!   Definitely the people.

      9.  Once living here, what were your   17.  How have you both spent your time,
      first impressions of the village?      since closing the doors?
       Quiet but with everything we needed.  Walking and sleeping!

      10.  More importantly, what were your   18.  Covid aside, what are you both
      first impressions of Manea residents?  looking forward to most in the future?
       An old-style community,  friendly and   Catching up with family and friends on
       helpful.                              the good side of the bar.

      11.  Please describe an occasion on    19.  What advice would you like to give
      which you thought, “This was a mistake,   to Patrick and Lydia – the new landlords?
      we should have stayed in Chatteris.”   Enjoy it all but make time for yourselves.
       Never had one!
                                             20.  Finally, what do you both like to
      12.  Conversely, can you think of an   drink, now you no longer spend your time
      occasion  when you thought, “We’re so   in licenced premises?
      pleased we moved here. It was definitely
      the right thing to do.”                A nice cup of tea!
       This  past  year  has  been  a  tough  one,
       as for so many. We have spent hours
       walking around the fen. It has certainly
       made us appreciate our surroundings.    Steve, Lydia and family would like
                                             to thank all their customers for your
      13.  What was the ultimate highlight of   custom, support and friendship over
      your time in the Rose and Crown?        the past five years. We wish Patrick
       We both agree it was our fundraising day
       for the late Jim Clarke when the regulars   and Lydia all the very best and look
       turned pop stars to entertain us all, we   forward to the re-opening.
       had ABBA, Elton, Take That and many                                          Cheers x
       more perform for us that day!

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