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                                                     Qs & As



                                                    & STEVE

      Now that they have retired from pulling pints in the Rose and Crown,
      Lydia answered the questions on behalf of herself and Steve . . .

      1.  Where do you both originate from?  5.  What made you want to become
       Steve grew up in Cottenham, I was born   publicans?
       in Kent and moved to Chatteris aged 11.  It was quite spontaneous really, an
                                              opportunity arose and we took it. I think
      2.  How did you both meet?              the later starts than on the market
       We met at work in 1988.                appealed.  It  was  something  I’d  always
                                              wanted to try.
      3.  What were your careers before you
      both became publicans?                 6.  What can you tell us about your
       We had spent several years working as   previous pub?
       market traders - great times.          We ran The Sportsman, Chatteris, 2009
                                              to 2017.
      4.  Is there anything you miss from
      being market traders?                  7.  What, if anything, do you particularly
       We loved it! It was an early start getting   miss about The Sportsman?
       the goods displayed for the day ahead,   We met some great characters and
       but we met some amazing people.        certainly missed our regulars when we

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