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                                                              MANEA MATTERS



                                            The Manea Archive Project aims to complement
                                            the Peter Short collection of Photographs which
                                            have proved a valuable source of material to
      Following the grateful donations of material   assist in the creation of documents covering
      from Elaine Wayman, Dianne Rowe, and   aspects of past village life.
      Michael Philpott, and other members of the   It is believed, and hoped, that there are still
      community, the Archive now has a considerable   further publications, documents (including old
      library of material, which is kept in the village. Of
      note are the many publications of earlier village   A number of duplicates are
      magazines including The Manea Community   available to swap and/or
      News, The Manea News, The Manea Magazine,
      The Manea Gazette and Manea Matters, but for   to help others who may be
      which there are missing editions. As an example   creating collections.
      copies 1, 4, 6, 9, 14, 28, 29, 33, 38, 39, 40 and
      41 of Manea Matters are missing. There is also   deeds / conveyances), photographs / pictures, in
      “The Working Bee”, which was published by the   the possession of members of the community,
      Colony, but for which the Archive does not have   which would be of invaluable benefit to the
      any copies.                           Manea Archive Project and thus we ask them to
      A number of duplicates are available to swap   be allowed to be seen by the project for possible
      and/or to help others who may be creating   copying / scanning for inclusion into, or even
      collections.                          donation to, the Archive Library for their safe
      The  Manea  Archive  Library  contains  other   keeping and wider community access.
      items  of  memorabilia,  along  with  the  newly   For further information, questions, comments,
      constructed documents, bringing together   or offers of help please contact Martin Hindry
      information from various sources including the   using  Email:
      new library as an invaluable source.  (preferred) or Telephone 01354 680850

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