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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

                                            Budget / Parish Precept

                                            We have agreed the budget for the municipal
                                            year 2021/2022 as follows there will be an
                                            increase of 10.6% which equates to 34p a month
                                            on a Band D property. We agreed to this amount
                                            after discussing the usual inflation, expected
                                            reduction in income and budget constraints.

                                            Manea Parish Council want to invest in, and see
      Good news...
                                            progress made on, the following:
      As from May 2021 Cross Country will providing   Traffic Calming in Station Rd £5,000
      an HOURLY interval timetable operating between
      BIRMINGHAM-LEICESTER-PETERBROUGH-     School Crossing Patrol Contribution £6,500
      MARCH-ELY-CAMBRIDGE/STANSTED          Increase in Park Playground Repairs £5,500
      All  Cross  Country  trains  are  planned  for  a   Jan Coupland
      minimum three-car length and the 16:19   Vice Chair Manea Parish Council
      departure from Peterborough to March and
      Ely will be reinstated – used by many school
      children who have been using the replacement
      bus service.


            Fenland District Council                     01354 654321
            Alan Melton Clerk                            07771 524093
            Lisa Eves Chair                              01354 688188
                                                      or 07795 532281
            Jan Coupland Vice Chair                      01354 680416

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