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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

      not cropping it for a number of years.  These   a designated Conservation Manager who takes
      grassland areas are seeded for the benefit of   his responsibilities seriously.
      wild birds and bees (and certain wild animals),   Allpress Farms will continue to farm and invest
      and the vegetation is allowed to grow to provide   in  wildlife  for  the  future  and  look  forward to
      cover for wildlife and suitable nesting areas.     reporting in the near future as to the benefits of
      Also, we can create green corridors for nature   our recent environmental developments.
      to move and thrive through the landscape by
      providing buffer strips of 4 to 6 metres around
      the fields. The other benefit of this is that the
      soil can rest undisturbed and recover from
      modern agriculture.
      Allpress Farms has set aside a quantity of land
      for this specific scheme.  In a number of cases
      this is simply by utilising the wider buffer strips
      as  mentioned  above,  or  even  parts  of  fields,
      but we have also put aside whole fields which
      will be utilising this scheme.  As mentioned in
      previous articles, we are committed to good
      land management practices, and seek to
      ensure that the current use of the land at our
      disposal is focussed not only on receiving the
      advantages the land has to offer, but also on
      the upkeep of the land with future use and
      benefits in mind.  For the business to focus
      and manage our environmental goals we have

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