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Manea Educational


              Manea Educational Foundation

       Over many years the Foundation has helped young persons, up to the age of 25 and living
       in the Parish of Manea, with financial donations assisting with the costs of their educational

        The Foundation was re-established on the 2nd November 1967 and is now a registered
        charity. In the first 30 years a total of 136 young people were given grants along with our
        Community School. The Foundation is very proud of its association with the School and

         The source of the funds has its history going back to 1753 when “Matthew Robinson, then
         continues to support its work.
         Lord of the manor, granted by copy of court roll, a commonable messuage ... and assigns, for
         ever, in trust, for the poor of the parish of Manea afore-said ....”.
          (Further reading on the history of the Foundation can be found in the Manea Archive Library
          under “Manea Educational Foundation Minutes Backup Material” and “Extract of Minutes

          The Foundation has a very strong link to Manea Community School, established
           well before 1967, but for which actual details pre 1967 are somewhat
           elusive! There were also links to the Manea Town Lots Charity.
           The Foundation uses the annual interest from an investment
           fund to make the grants possible. Unfortunately, over the last
           couple years interest rates have been deteriorating, which
            has reflected on the level of grants that can be given.
            However every effort is made to ensure as many young
            persons are helped as it is possible.

       For further information & applications please contact either:
       Martin Hindry (Secretary) on 01354 680850 or email:
       Gloria Brown (Chair) on 01354 680812 or email:

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