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           s we welcome the Spring and Summer   Noticeboards
           months ahead, we continue to reflect
      Aon the challenges that Covid-19 has   Plans are in hand for new noticeboards
      presented to all of our lives. The excellent work   throughout the village to enable better
      of both the NHS, together with volunteers,   communication from the Parish Council.  More
      has seen the Doddington Vaccination Centre in   space will be given to contact details, emergency
      operation and the continued community support   information and the publicising of events. New
      of which all who live in Manea are extremely   boards will be placed onto the new bus shelters
      proud and thankful.                   and Park Road and the existing boards will be
      Council meetings continue to be held by Zoom   updated.
      and we are pleased to welcome those of you   New updated boards at Manea Pit will include
      that have been able to join us.   Councillors   Health and Safety advice and details for fishing.
      have continued to be kept busy including the
      following:                            Around the lake and orchard, they will have the
                                            history of the pit and facts about the wildlife and
      Roads                                 nature that can be seen throughout the year.

      We have been pressing the County Council
      Highways to ensure prompt ongoing repairs to
      our roads as we try to get as many potholes,
      surfaces  and  drainage  issues  sorted.  Please
      report problems as they arise on the Manea
      Parish Council website in the REPORT IT section.

      Speeding in the village and improved road safety
      have not been forgotten. We have been restricted
      this past year from operating Speedwatch and
      await the proposed recruitment of a School
      Crossing person, which we hope will be in place
      for the start of the next school year.

           Speeding in the                  Rail
      village and improved                  Councillors  are  working  together  with  FDC,

      road safety have not                  Hereward Community Rail Partnership and the
                                            Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined
           been forgotten.                  Authority as work commences on the
                                            construction of Manea Station Car Park.

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