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           ello Manea, for those who don’t already
           know me, allow me to introduce myself.
     HMy name is Simon Paul, and I’ve lived
      in Manea now for nearly 4 years. We came to
      live in Manea from visiting my in-laws who live
      in Charlemont Drive, and fell in love with the
      I am a professional musician performing all over
      the world, and currently the bass player and   We Currently broadcast on Monday, Tuesday,
      second  vocalist  with  sixties  band  ‘The  Union   Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between the
      Gap’ (remember Gary Puckett and the Union   hours of 12.00pm & 7.00pm

      As well as playing in the band I am the   Simon Paul
      owner and DJ on Manea Magic Radio
      (, a community radio
      station based in Manea, but broadcasts to the
      world. With listeners all over the UK and around
      the world, including Holland, Belgium, America
      and Australia, Manea is well and truly on the
      international map.
         “Remember Gary Puckett
           and the Union Gap?”

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