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                                                              MANEA MATTERS
      your fingers, stretch the arms away and lift,   shoulders  drawn  slightly  back,  chin  level  and
      squeezing the shoulder blades together without   grow tall through your spine. Take some deep
      tilting forwards or raising shoulders towards the   breaths.
      ears. If you’re supple try bringing the hands into   When you finish, take a big smile.
      reverse prayer.


       Fingers interlocked   Reverse prayer
       arms stretch away                             “When you finish,
                                                     take a big smile!”
      Spine: take your spine in all directions; forwards,
      backwards, each side and twist. You can do this
      sitting tall, ribcage lifted away from the hips
      or standing. If standing working with feet hip-  HANDY TIPS
      width apart is gentler than working with them
      together.                               At the end of your ‘normal’ working day close
                                              the door of your home office or pack away
                                              your workspace so you aren’t thinking about
                                              work all evening. You’ll feel much fresher
                                              approaching  it  the  next day  if it’s not  been
                                              permanently in your sight.

                                              If you’re no longer commuting consider
                                              using that time in a beneficial way such as
                                              exercising, meditating or simply getting
                                              outside for some fresh air.
                                              You’ll find lots of tips online. Not only will
                                              you  feel  better  taking  care  of  yourself  but
                                              happy, healthy staff are more productive, so
         Side bend strong    Twist soft       everyone wins.

      Tadasana:  stand tall, feet under hips, squaring
      your pelvis, draw abdominal muscles in                           Val Lavender
      and tailbone under, arms released to sides,

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