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      WATERS                                                  MANEA MATTERS

      history and its struggles into context and the   watercourse that crosses it, draining the land
      work is an immensely pleasurable, if scary, read.   but not robbing it of its heart.
      There’s an irony in this sign and this fencing   I’ve lived here and hereabouts for close on forty
      with its stark warning about social distancing,   years now. I shall never know it. But I shall
      set against the backdrop of the Washes as they   always respect it and those who have the heart
      stretch away. Only the coots own them now.   to work with it. Its beauty? That truly is in the
      We’re stopped from going somewhere that we   eye of the beholder, if they cared to look. I see
      have dug deep into the fen to create, at the   paradise, every day.
      expense of those whose land it was when the
      Adventurers started to set out their stall. When   David Learner
      the reclaimed land was parcelled out after the
      creation of Vermuyden’s second cut it wasn’t   (As you will see from his opening sentence, David
      the fenman who was invited back; it was wealth   wrote this article on Deadline Day for this issue.)
      and power at the behest of the king.
      Scars run deeper than the cuts. This is an
      unforgiving land, but its riches lie deep in its
      history and its blood pumps through every

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