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      Tips to improve your physical

      and mental health

      Due to Covid restrictions many people have   break and make sure you stop for lunch. Take
      found themselves working from home for the   the opportunity to stand and stretch whenever
      first time. It can be easy to fall into bad habits   you can, preferably before the aches set in.
      but equally there’s a number of things you can
      do to improve your physical and mental health.  Movements to try -
      Set up your working                   sitting or standing
      environment to suit you               Look away from the screen or close your eyes.
                                            Take a few deep steady breaths, engage with
      How you sit at your workspace impacts on   your diaphragm (tummy expands), open through
      your posture, use props to help you achieve an   the rib cage (widening) and lift a little at the top
      optimum position.                     of the chest. Inhale; visualise growing taller,
                                            creating space in your body. Exhale; keep your
      When sitting aim for: feet flat, knees slightly   height and release any tension, making an ‘aah!’
      lower than hips, lower back supported, spine
      upright, forearms parallel with the floor,   sound if you’re happy to. Return to your natural
      computer (or work) directly in front of you. You   breath or keep this going as you work into some
      should be able to use the keyboard keeping   stretches.
      shoulders relaxed and have your screen at eye   Shoulder shrugs:  lift the shoulders towards the
      level (this can be difficult with a laptop).   ears, hold for a moment then release (releases
                                            neck and shoulders).
                                                            Neck:  keep the  back  of
          “Take a coffee/tea break                          the  neck long,  imagine  a
          and make sure you stop                            clock face in front of you,
                  for lunch.”                               raise your chin so your
                                                            nose points to 12, move
                                                            steadily round past each
                                                            number until you reach
      Take regular breaks                                   your starting position then
      If you were in the office, you’d get up to fetch      Shoulder opening:  hands
      things or use the toilet so don’t be afraid to do     behind your back, interlace
      so when working from home. Take a coffee/tea   Forward bend soft

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