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No.29                                  shop girls and a driver. At one time they had four

                                            vans on the road and delivered in Christchurch,
     HIGH                                   Welney, 16-Foot Bank, Haddenham and
                                            Stretham, as well as serving fish and chips from
                                            the front room!
     STREET                                 The bakery was behind the shop - there was a
                                            hand  operated  bread  maker,  dough  machine,
                                            cake machine, a bread-slicer and a double and

                                            Much of this still remained when the site was
      As you will have noticed the corner of High Street   single oven which worked with copper piping.
      and Park Road has changed a bit!  For the last   renovated and will be displayed in the garden
      30+years it has be derelict and boarded up. Now,   area at the rear of the café.
      newly renovated and partly rebuilt it houses our   At Christmas the bakery was especially busy
      new café No.29. We opened in November and   -  one  Sunday  before  Christmas  was Logging
      hoped to bring a bit of positivity and cake to the   Sunday when they made chocolate logs. They
      people of Manea during this difficult time. We
      are also showcasing local arts and crafts and
      hope in the future to be able to offer a meeting
      place for the community.
      Long-standing Manea residents will remember                 The bread ovens
      No.29 as a bakery, many people remember                    will be displayed in
      working or shopping there. When the shop                      the garden
      was bought, I was put in touch with Mrs Jessie
      Bridgement who lived and worked at number
      29 with her parents from 1946-1960. Mrs
      Bridgement did us the honour of opening the
      café in November.
                                            made Christmas cakes and iced fancies, which
      Originally from Cornwall Jessie’s father was the   Jessie’s mum packed in the front room, as well
      baker, Mr Baton. Jessie worked at the bakery   as sausage rolls and mince pies.
      with her dad, Mr French (his assistant), two
                                                            One of the highlights of
                                                            Jessie’s life at the bakery
                                                            was Coronation Day in June
                                                            1953. Local artist Maggie
                                                            Powell (maggiepowellart.
                                                   spoke to her about
                                                            the day and has created
                                                            a  picture  of  the  bakery
                                                            in 1953, complete with
                                                            red, white and blue floral
       Bakery in the 1930s showing the ladder               displays, based on these
       leading to the grain store                           memories.

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