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         t already seems an age ago but on June 23rd   negotiating positions. Trade with the EU is
         2016  the  United  Kingdom  voted  to  leave   economically imperative and will continue
      Ithe  European  Union  with  a  small  majority   whatever.
      of 51.9% to 48.1%. In our Fenland region 71.4%   Allpress Farms mainly sells to the UK market
      voted resoundingly to leave. Whether you agree   and occasionally exports wheat. But we do
      or not, or you have changed your mind, by the   import leeks at around 1,500 tons from our
      time you read this the United Kingdom will be
      out of Europe.                          “We are all part of a complex
      What impact does this have on Allpress Farms?   supply chain where trade with
      Trade and People.                            Europe is essential.”
      Common sense on both sides suggests that   partners in Spain in May and June every year.
      there will be a trade deal of sorts once the   But interestingly to produce all our arable and
      politicians stand down and compromise their
                                                    vegetable crops we require up to 70
                                                    different inputs from seeds, plants,
                                                    plant protection products to nutrient
                                                    inputs many of which are produced in
                                                    EU countries. Of these, 49 are totally
                                                    manufactured in the EU and the
                                                    other 21 are between 50% and 60%
                                                    manufactured in the EU.
                                                    On the farm the majority of our
                                                    tractors and equipment and their

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