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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

      We have now gone to tender for the work
      identified by a structural engineer to stop the
      cemetery flooding. This is expected to be a large
      capital investment.

      Remembrance Day
      A wreath was laid as normal on Sunday 8th
      November by the Council on behalf of the
      village.  Although it was a very different
      experience  to  normal,
      we would like to thank
      those who organise
      our services and those
      who continue to look
      after our Cenotaph.
      Each year volunteers
      paint the steps and buy
      the flowers that are
      planted around it.  This year there were several
      painted stones which had been left on the steps
      and they looked lovely.
      Lisa Eves
      Chair Manea Parish Council

             CONTACT NUMBERS
             Fenland District Council                     01354 654321
             Alan Melton Clerk                            07771 524093
             Lisa Eves Chair                              01354 688188
                                                       or 07795 532281
             Jan Coupland Vice Chair                      01354 680416

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