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         f there was ever a time for us all to work   We would like to thank those of you who have
         together to show what makes Manea a   volunteered to be a member of the Manea
      Igreat place to live it is now.  Hopefully, by the   Emergency Response Team.  We hope that we
      time you read this, the vaccination programme   will not need to call you but, it is reassuring to
      has, or shortly will be, starting and lockdown   know, if we do have an emergency, we have a
      will be eased.  When this does happen, we as   pool of over 50 people to call on.
      a village, need to pull together to help rebuild
      the clubs and groups that have closed – some   Although we cannot hold our monthly meetings
      permanently.                          in person  Parish Council work continues
                                            with virtual meetings which all residents
      To support vulnerable people during this difficult   are  welcome  to  join.    Details  of  dates  and
      time  Manea  Parish  Council  has  produced,  and   access codes can be found on the Manea Parish
      hand delivered, a leaflet to all households   Website.
      that provides details of organisations that you
      can contact if you need help. You can also call   Different seasons create different priorities.
      Fenland  District  Council  and  Manea  Parish   Presently Councillors are very much involved
      Councillors and we will do our best to help or,   in trying to ensure that the  local roads and
      direct you to the right place for support (see   pavements are clean, safe and well-lit.  We
      contact numbers to the right).        constantly engage with both FDC and CCC about
                                            these matters and, we make them aware when
          “We as a village,                 individuals suffer harm where these issues may
                                            be a contributory factor.
      need to pull together                 On this note, the Parish Council encourages
        to help rebuild the                 anyone who is unable to clean their own path
      clubs and groups that                 of ice/snow to contact Mr Melton our Clerk and
                                            we will organise for it to be done for you.   If you
        have closed – some                  are willing to volunteer to help, please contact
            permanently.”                   Mr Melton.

                                            Bus Shelters
      We  know  this  happens  a  lot  already  but,
      as we face the short days and inclement   All the ground surveys have been undertaken
      weather please continue to keep an eye on   and a provisional date has been set in early
      your neighbours.  If you haven’t seen them, or   January for the shelters to be installed.  Once
      something doesn’t look right i.e. the curtains   installed, contractors will provide hard standing
      are still shut during the day, please do knock or   for the shelters at the fire station and Wisbech
      contact us and tell us about your concerns.   Road.

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