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                                                              MANEA MATTERS
      spare parts are imported. Also, in the leek   goods produced to standards that are illegal
      packhouse, apart from the bespoke machinery   here.
      designed by ourselves, many of the machines   We ask you to do your part and to back British,
      are imported. We are all part of a complex supply   buy British, as we rise to the challenge of
      chain where trade with Europe is essential.  feeding our nation in our new world.
      This trade needs to be frictionless but,
      depending on the new trade arrangements,
      it may be necessary for the Government to
      impose Tariffs on imported goods. It is possible
      that, with Tariffs, imported goods could cost 5%
      to 40% more which, in time, can only lead to food
      inflation. This is a most unwelcome prospect for
      the country in our times of recession.
      Our business needs people. At peak capacity
      we employ over 250 people. Although we
      employ many British nationals, our seasonal
      workers are staffed through agencies of whom
      the  majority’s  ethnicity  is  Eastern  European.
      Throughout 2020 we fortunately had enough
      seasonal  workers. In fact,  most joined the EU
      Settlement Scheme and now have Settled
      Status to remain in the UK.
      However, the prospects of more available
      labour  for  2021  and  beyond  looks  daunting.
      Labour from overseas will be limited due to
      heavy regulation and cost. The Government
      has been slow to implement a larger Seasonal
      Agricultural  Workers  Scheme  as  they  predict
      UK Nationals will need work and will therefore
      seek employment in Agriculture. I trust the
      Government are better informed than I on this
      one  as  the  “Pick  for  Britain”  campaign  failed
      to make up the labour shortages last summer
      and  will  it really  ever  work? Having said  that,
      if anyone is seeking employment please do
      contact the farm.
      British Agriculture will survive and adapt
      as it always has done so in the past. Most
      reassuringly  the Government has formed a
      Trade and Agriculture Commission, which
      has the statutory power to ensure our British
      standards will not be undermined by imported

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