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      When I was not quite a teenager, my parents   then-girlfriend,  now-wife…  though that  may
      introduced  me to the world of cryptic   have had something to do with it.
      crosswords. We would sit together with the   Fast-forward just under a decade to June this
      Saturday paper and work our way through its   year. A musician I follow on YouTube posted a
      puzzles. We wouldn’t always finish them, but I   video of himself solving a cryptic crossword from
      enjoyed learning how they worked. When I went   the Sydney Morning Herald. As a fan of both
      off to university, my dad bought me a crossword   his music and of cryptic crosswords, naturally
      book, knowing I wouldn’t be able to solve them   I watched the video. He would upload several
      with him.
                                            more videos over the next fortnight before

      My interest in cryptics dwindled  at University,   announcing that he would start livestreaming
      but I would solve them every so often (and   them on Twitch (an online site for watching
      attempted to teach some friends, with varying   people play games). I decided to drop by (given
      degrees of success) whenever the opportunity   that  I  was  working  from  home)  and  suddenly
      arose.  The  only  person  I  managed  to  fully   my passion for cryptic crosswords had been
      convert into solving them regularly was my   rekindled.

       Jelly snake has idyllic coating (5)    1
       Evict the attendance (7)               2
       Transfers silver inside vehicles (9)   3

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