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                     Way back on Easter Sunday,
                     Alys Turner and her friend
                     Anne  decided  they wanted
                     to do something useful for
                     those  frontline  NHS staff,
                     hospitals and care homes
                     who  were   desperately
                     struggling to cope with
                     the crisis created by Covid   care homes, dentists, plus several hundred
                     19.   They decided to  form   masks were made for Age Concern in March.
                     a group of people to make   All the staff loved their colourful scrub sets as
                     PPE and that is how    you can see from the photos. One of our ladies,
                     Fenland Scrubbers came to   Rachel, made hand sewn
                     be.                    across the body light
                                            resistant chemo bags
                     Katy Parker joined Alys and
                     Anne on Easter Monday   for those undergoing
                     and together they started   treatment at home and in
                     the process of  liaising   hospital.
                     with For The Love of   One of the lasting results
                     Scrubs, Huntingdon and   of this group, who have
                     Peterborough and became   given their time and skills
                     a branch of FTLS. Katy   to help in this dreadful
                     fundraised and collected   pandemic, is that it
                     donated material and duvet   has brought together   PPE
                     sets  to make  PPE,  later   a wonderful group of people who wouldn’t
                     stepping in to help Alys   otherwise have known each other but who are
                     coordinate after Anne had   now firm friends!
                     to drop out. There were
      also two ladies in the village who made well over
      100 scrub wash bags between them!
      Eventually the group had over 80 members
      from Manea, Doddington, Wimblington, March,
      Christchurch, and other local villages and sewing
      machines were producing colourful scrub sets and
      masks for delivery to Papworth, Addenbrookes,
      Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough hospitals,
      the Butterfly Legacy Project, local surgeries,
                                                       Noah's Rainbow for Heroes

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