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      •  Doorstep visits                    HUGE thanks to Les, Hugh, Clair, Rhiannon,
      •  Creating amazing webpages          Jan, Spencer, Sam, Jan, Sue plus Sarah and her
      •  Stepping up to the challenges with a smile   friends and family.
       and funny WhatsApps                  The volunteers were kept fed and  watered by
      •  Cleaning extra thoroughly to keep everyone   Murray, who by the way makes delicious cakes
       safe                                 and tray bakes!
                                            Helping  others
                                            is really at the
                                            heart  of  our
                                            village making it
                                            an amazing place
                                            to live!

                                            MANEA MAGIC

                                            I set up Manea Magic Radio in November 2019
      SEB’S ALLOTMENT                       with the intention of it being a community

      Back at the end of 2019 the O’Keefe family   radio station just
                                            for Manea, letting
      decided to take on an allotment in Manea to   local residents know
      create a safe place where support workers could   what's happening in
      bring their son, who is 16 and has half a heart   and around Manea.
      and autism amongst other things, where he   It didn’t take long,
      can be creative, have a space to make and grow   thanks to social
      things and get exercise outside.  They made a   media  and  my
      good start rotavating, but wet weather followed   bands’ fan base, for
      by lockdown meant all the hard work they had   the radio station to become worldwide, with
      put in came to nothing when weeds and thistles   listeners in America, Australia, Holland, Belgium
      took back the ground.                 and France - including many listeners here in the
                          When the family   UK.
                          could  get  out  and   During these unprecedented times of Covid-19,
                          about, they realised   we obviously noticed a larger peak in listeners
                          they would need   as a lot of people were at home, and we always
                          help, so a plea went   have good interaction with our listeners. All
                          out on the village   the Presenters are volunteers and simply do it
                          Facebook page for   because they love doing it...
                          volunteers  for  a
                          weekend work party.  Simon Paul

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