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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

      ‘MY TILE’ PROJECT                      daughter take over the house
                                             for a month with tiles, frames,
      The ‘My Tile’ project was created at the end of   paint, pencils and what not
      March 2020 during the Coronavirus lockdown.   so  THANK  YOU, YOU’RE  THE
      It was created as I was nearing the end of   BEST.
      my Level 4 Art Foundation. As a result of the
      pandemic I was unable to fulfil one    Next, we have the wonderful
      element of my course: the live         creators of the tiles – including many
      brief.  Disappointed that  I  would    exceptionally talented Manea residents and
      be unable to complete the brief,       the children of Manea Community Primary and
      I decided to form a community          Preschool.
      project of my own.                     I think it is also important that
      The idea was that the local community   I thank my tutor Danny who
      would create tiles by cutting, sticking, painting,   was very supportive and
                                             encouraging of the creation
      The project was open to people         of this project
      of all ages because we were all        And finally, Lydia and the Rose
        facing the same challenges           & Crown for allowing me to display all the
                                             wonderful tiles on the side of the pub.
               sewing,  photographing,  carving,
               etc. and post their work through   Maggie Powell
                my letterbox or email a scan of   For more info, visit Maggie’s website:
                the work to me. The project would
                provide locals with a task to
                occupy themselves
       and  help  beat  lockdown
      boredom. It was set up in a way
      so that it would comply with
      social distancing rules and help
      bring the community together in
      a time where they were obliged to
      be apart. The project was open to
      people of   all ages because we
                were all facing the
                 same challenges.
                 I would like  to
                  thank my parents
                  for letting their

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