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                                                              MANEA MATTERS


      This year has brought many of us to a grinding
      halt and forced many of us to adapt or cancel
      plans for 2020.  Not wanting to be ground to
      a Covid-19 halt, the Manea Gala 5k started
      to think of a way to keep people running and
      promote a positive mind and active body at a
      difficult time.
      An idea was pitched
      to  the  organisers
      by  Andrea  Crellin,
      a runner from the                     MANEA COMMUNITY
      village, to plan a virtual
      event.  After  some                   PRIMARY SCHOOL
      quick organisation and
      planning, the Virtual                 The staff have been busy:
      Manea 5k - Race the                   •  Devising home learning plans
      Tractor was thrown together. A 5k run or walk,
      anytime, anywhere, any pace.          •  Teaching in school to Key Worker children
                                            •  Plans for returning children, which focus on
      Three tractor times were set for the runners to   well-being
      beat over the weekend of the 26th-28th June.
                                            •  Providing entertaining childcare
      After completion of their 5k and submitting   •  Redesigning the curriculum
      proof (many of which came with a great photo)
      every  participant  received  a  fantastic  medal   •  Delivering lunches, letters and reports
      made in Manea by Bullmans bits & bobs.
      The event turned out to be a huge success with
      a steady stream of runners from the village as
      welL as runners from other parts of the country
      and as far afield as Australia, Vietnam and the
      The combined effort raised the sum of £800 for
      Addenbrooke’s Liver Transplant Association, a
      charity chosen by co-organiser Steve Tarsitano.
      The organisers hope the event will raise the   •  Managing and looking after preschool children
      profile of the Manea Gala 5k and see another
      great turn out from our supportive community   •  Spending hours on the phone supporting the
      in the future.                                         Ben Fox  most vulnerable

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