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      We feel very proud to be part of a village                of volunteers came
      community that has reached out and supported              forward to deliver all
      each other over the last few months of                    these items including
      'lockdown'.  Covid-19 has not gone away and               Clive Proctor assisted
      we are slowly and cautiously easing out of lock           by his daughter Abbey
      down.  However, we would like to recognise                (Clive is mentioned
      and acknowledge some of the people that have              here as we could not
      made life a little easier over the past few months        find the picture of
      by acts of kindness, consideration and care.    Kevin Grantham  Abbey leaning out of
      We acknowledge the generous supply of                     the cab waving leeks
                                                                at people).
      potatoes (Stephen Edgley) and leeks (Trevor
                          Edgley); two local   There are various other activities organised
                          farmers who share   including 'Manea Bake Off', ’The Fenland
                          the same surname   Scrubbers’, ‘Virtual 5km’ and 'Les' Little Library'
                          but are unrelated   and we appreciate
                          (until     family  that all these things
                          research may reveal   make life a little
                          a  connection!).    Sue   easier.  Some  people
                          &  Paul  Russell  of   we contacted did not
                          Russells  Butchers  wish to have their
                          at Upwell supplied   name  mentioned
                          sausages & eggs   and   we   respect
                          with Belinda Carson   their  privacy.  We
                          supplying the know-  also know there are   Danny Newland
          Stephen Edgley
                          how to ensure these   other people who performed kind acts that,
      items were distributed to the most vulnerable   unfortunately, we are uninformed about.
      in the village.  Prescriptions were also delivered   We hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of some
      to those who were self-isolating.  An army

                                                           Jan Coupland
                   Sue Russell

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