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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

          Dates and Times            Location             Contact Details

      Various dates throughout the
      year                     Royal British Legion  Malcolm Wilmott 01354 680893

      Various                  Royal British Legion
      First Tuesday every month   Village Hall       Beth 07841463718
      Third Wednesday every
      month 4:00pm to 8:00pm   Royal British Legion

      Third Sunday morning of   Manea Orchard        Lisa Eves
      every month exc winter
      Friday afternoon every
      fortnight at 2:00pm      Royal British Legion  Just turn up

      Wednesdays               Various     
      Afternoons on Tuesdays   Royal British Legion  Joan 680348
      First Thursday each month at
      7:30pm                   Royal British Legion  Steph 680913
      Mondays 7:00pm for learners
      7:45pm for rehearsals    Royal British Legion  Howard 07920 776732
      Various                  Various     

      Monday afternoons 1:30pm
      to 3:30pm                Village Hall          Jean 680701 or Marlene 680974
      Thursdays 10:00am - bench   Manea              Linda 07747 795270
      opposite Manea School
      4th Tuesday of every month                     Glynis  glynisbull@btinternet.
      at 7.30pm                Church Rooms          com
      Mondays                  Village Hall
      Tues evgs 7:00pm - 8:30pm    Village Hall      Jayne 650645
      Contact to check first               

      Various                  Park        

          Club organisers, if your club reads TBC - please email with the details for Issue 67

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