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      Bake Off started as a project between Steph
      Short and Jo Pollard. Jo’s family all live away so
      they needed an idea they could both do in their
      own houses, but together. Steph suggested
      they open the Bake Off to the village and the
      rest they say is history!

                          Steph  posted the
                          first challenge on
                          the village FB page,   doesn’t cook she cremates’, enjoyed the baking
                          little  realising how   so much she even bought a cake mixer as a
                          many     villagers  result!
                          would  take part!
                          Sunday    evening  Recipes ranged from scones from the Harrods
      meant a new recipe challenge would be set with   Cook Book to naan bread, from leek tart to
      photos to be added the following Saturday.  roasted tomato and basil quiche. One of the
                                            more difficult recipes, Jaffa cakes, led to some
      It wasn’t just the ladies of the village even   interesting attempts. The scones and the home-
      husbands and children eagerly had a go   made pizza were a big hit and bit of nostalgia
      and posted photos of their creations on the   crept in with the arctic roll recipe, but no matter
      Saturdays. One lady, who’s children said, ‘mum   the outcome they were delicious!

                        Jo Pollard and Steph Short

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