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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

                                            THE LES HERRIDGE


      A big thank you must go to Steph and Jo for all    Les Herridge
      their hard work and for creating something fun   When lockdown occurred on Monday 23 March
      and practical that villagers could do together,   due to the unprecedented spread of Covid-19,
      whilst apart, during lockdown.        Cambridgeshire Libraries closed.  This included
      Bake Off hasn’t completely gone away, Steph   both Chatteris and March, our nearest library
      has promised there will be more delicious   centres.  BUT, our village library stayed open.
      recipes to come!                      Les Herridge had been operating a small library
                                            for  about  a  year  by  allowing  us  to  exchange
                                            books in the box he had installed on his front
                                            wall.  Lockdown motivated Les to take down
                                            the old box and build a new bigger box due to
                                            expected demand.  The box is made with scrap
                                            wood and the roof  is constructed using  pond
                                            Books are continuously being rotated as the
                                            library is in constant use.  Thank you, Les for this

                                                          Les's Library

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