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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

      The evening was a massive success with a   injury, which left me fighting for my life.
      sell-out of tickets to dance the night away   A brain injury can challenge every aspect
      with the incredible DJ –  Tom Ogden. The   of your life, walking, talking, thinking and
      night started with an amazing raffle with   feeling. The losses can be severe and
      top prizes provided by  K E Rolfe Funeral   permanent. It can mean losing the life you
      Directors, the Fish and Duck Marina and Park   once lived and the person you once were.
      Run volunteer Louise Pearce. There were   We all think it will ‘never happen to me’,
      lots more donations from the wonderful   but every year around 350,000 people are
      Manea community.                       admitted to hospital with an acquired brain
      We (Ian and Kerry Scott-Logan) organised   injury. That’s one every 90 seconds. A brain
      the  events  and  we  will  both  be  running   injury  can happen to anyone at  any time.
      the London Marathon, when I am running   When it does, Headway is there to help.
      in support of  Headway. The decision to   The entire day was a massive success
      raise awareness and fundraise comes    and it's all down to the fantastic Manea
      after I suffered life-threatening injuries in   community and spirit. We were blown
      December 2020 including a major head   away with the support that has been given
                                             by this wonderful village and are so very
                                             grateful for every single bit of support and
                                             love. The fundraising will be ongoing until
                                             the Marathon in October, but we are VERY
                                             PROUD to say the fundraising, at the time of
                                             writing, is an IMPRESSIVE £3,755. THANK
                                             YOU to EVERYONE. What a fantastic little
                                             village Manea is.
                                             Thanks again everyone.
                                                                     Ian Scott-Logan
                                             Images courtesy of the Fenland Citizen

             You can find out more about Headway’s work at:
        If you would like to support Ian, when he runs the London Marathon on 2nd October,
                             please visit his JustGiving page at:

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