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                                                              MANEA MATTERS
            MANEA UNDER 15

                                   GIRLS TEAM

                                            towards our goal and scored to make it a
                                            two-goal lead. Manea went forward again
                                            and again and, FINALLY, we got our first
                                            goal of the season with a hard-fought
                                            strike from Lacey. When the half time
                                            whistle blew, the score was 2-1 and all to
                                            play for in the second half.

                                              Every part of this special day will live
                                              long in the memories of all that were
      Hi MANEA!                                     lucky enough to attend.

      Your Under 15 GIRLS football TEAM     The  final  half  started  and  we  caught
      travelled to RAF ALCONBURY and were   ourselves  lacking  a  bit and  fell  behind
      welcomed with open arms by all those   3-1, then 4-1. An unlucky bounce made
      involved in this historic international game   it 5-1, but then Tianna took the ball away
      and every part of this special day will live   from RAF Alconbury and got us back in the
      long in the memories of all that were lucky   game at 5-2. In the very last minute, RAF
      enough to attend.                     Alconbury scored and the game ended with
      Both national anthems were played and the   a final score of 6-2 and both teams falling
      roar of the over 200 fans from both teams   to the ground in exhaustion. Every player
      got the game underway in style. With the   gave it everything in the hot weather and
      weather being perfect, we all knew we   have already scheduled a re-match!
      would be in for a great show.         Many thanks to all who helped make this

      Each team fought for all they could and   a special day and always stay MANEA
      back and forth the game went until the   STRONG and never forget it is more than
      15  mins mark  where Alconbury  took the   football!
      lead.  Manea regrouped Alconbury rushed                          Scott MacNeil

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