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      Fenland District Council has dedicated this   •  Not sure if a wrapper can be recycled?
      website:                              Do the 'scrunch test'! Scrunch it into a ball               and let go. If it stays in a ball, it is paper or
                                            tinfoil so can be recycled. If it pops out, it's
      to help advise residents in the Fenland   plastic - this can't be recycled.
      District into which bin they should put their
      items.                                •  Take old clothes to a local clothes bank.
                                            This will raise money for a good cause.
      If in any doubt, you can just type in your   Don't worry if they have a hole in them - if
      item and click on the drop-down menu.  they are clean, they can be recycled.

      Top recycling tips                    If you are interested in becoming a Getting
                                            It Sorted volunteer, contact Amy Robinson
      Here's some handy hints to help you to   at or call
      recycle more:                         Amy on 01354 654321
      •  Keep  recycling  clean,  dry  and  loose.
      This makes it easier to recycle. Putting
      food  or  dirty  items  in  your  blue  bin  ruins   If you would like timely reminders
      the recycling                                on which day your bin will be
                                                  collected, and which colour that
      •  Make sure you use a Fenland District    week, download the app Fenland
      Council  clear recycling sack for any extra   Bins from your App Store onto your
      items. You can  order these for free  at           mobile or iPad.
      Items in other sacks may not be recycled.
      This is because staff may not know what
      materials are in it.

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