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         t’s April 2022 and I’ve blearily woken up
         to the announcement that Niceair are due
      Ito begin scheduled flights from Stansted
      Airport to Iceland in June. There’s an airline
      called Niceair? Bet you can’t get from Manea
      Station to Iceland in time for tea, I thought.
      I couldn’t have been more wrong and it still sounds
      like a gag. Who’d want to go to Iceland anyway?   The stunning Akureyri Church
      It’s cold. Is there anything there?
                                            is Akureyri. How large? Okay, the population’s only
      Turns out there’s a heck of a lot there and you   18,000 - less than ten times that of Manea - but
      can leave Manea in the morning and be supping a   still the locals proudly call it a city. They might even
      glass of Einstök beer in Akureyri by 3pm the same   tell you how to pronounce it: Ah-koo-ray-ree. It’s
      afternoon.                            an  amazing place  where  the beer’s  expensive,
      Ask someone for the name of a town in Iceland.   they’ll say. It is, but that’s not why you’re going.
      They’ll say Reykjavik. Now bet them a pint at the   You’re going because you’ve heard it’s somewhere
      Rose and Crown if they can tell you a second town   to have a chance of seeing the Northern Lights.
      in Iceland. Enjoy your pint.          TIP: You won’t see the Northern Lights anytime in the
      Unless they’ve been to Iceland, of course. In that   summer. You need to come back between September
      case they’ll tell you that the second largest town   and April, you need a clear sky and you still need
                                                          a healthy slab of luck. The
                                                          Northern Lights are fickle, they
                                                          have no timetable and if you’re
                                                          fortunate you’ll get a greenish
                                                          glow above your head. It’s not
                                                          like the telly.
                                                          Haven’t tempted you? How
                                                          about  seeing Puffins then?
                                                          These  glorious  creatures
                                                          that burrow like rabbits in
        Akureyri, guarded by its snow-covered mountains   the earth just love the Arctic.
                                                          Handily, there’s a regular boat

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