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      – PART ONE

                                                  "We have done a lot and,

            ell Edmund has gone to big school now   providing mum remembers those
            and doing quite well. It's all different   treats, I am happy to oblige."
     Wfrom what he's been used to as he now
      has to learn why he will potentially be a Guide
      Dog. He has to work as a twosome and think   wouldn’t  it!  We  went  on  a  tram  and  a  steam
      about how he and his partner can get through   train and walked around Chatsworth where we
      the doorway, cross the road safely, avoid the   met this huge horse but he didn't scare me!
      bins or obstacles on the pavement etc. Also, the
      height of things like an overhanging branch or
      that untrimmed bush. Make a clear path for his
      owner round the pushchair, through the crowd,
      avoiding the clothes rails etc etc. Paws!! he's got
      a lot to remember and there's me just learning
      to sit and lie down!
      We have done a lot and, providing mum
      remembers those treats, I am happy to oblige.

                                            We're going to be at the Gala so hope to see you
                                            there – paws crossed.

      I go to the local bingo and sometimes go with   Bruce
      a walking group, which all helps with my ability
      to adapt in different
      situations.  Mum has
      done a few talks and
      I love all the attention!
      Just been on holiday                         Hope to see you
      to the Peak District,
      which is very dog                               at the Gala
      friendly I got a treat
      in most shops and
      as you know us pups
      can't  say no  -  well
      it would be rude to

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