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                                                              MANEA MATTERS


        attended Buckingham Palace on May
        4th 2022 to receive my MBE from
     I Prince William.
      I was nominated to receive the award
      for  my  voluntary  work  within  the  prison
      service where I have been employed for the
      last 18 years and couldn’t believe it when
      the notification dropped through my door!
      The main reason was for my work as a
      Family Liaison Officer where the prisoners
      are terminally ill, and sadly pass away, so
      it’s about supporting families through a
      difficult time.
       The one sad thing about the day
        at the Palace was I could only
       take one of my three daughters
          due to COVID restrictions.

      I have also completed over 2,000 hours of
      voluntary work in the community in the
      last two and a half years. This included
      shopping for locals who couldn’t get out   worked with people
      themselves; ‘check in and chat’ which is   like  Malcolm  and
      where you would speak to isolated people   Steven and others
      struggling through lockdown and by    to bring smiles to
      helping at Doddington vaccination centre   Manea via all our
      plus other places.                    events that we run.
      I worked with the most amazing and hard-  The one sad thing
      working people who gave up their time to   about the day at the Palace was I
      save lives. Cat, Sarah and Dawn who run   could only take one of my three daughters
      the vaccination programme at the hospital   due to COVID restrictions. But the day was
      have been unbelievable in not only running   magical  and,  although  I was  very  proud,
      this programme but by doing it with a   I felt I was collecting the award on behalf
      smile despite the huge pressure they were   of all the amazing people I have had the
      under. I have also been on the Manea Gala   honour of meeting in the last few years.
      Committee for the last few years and again                 Danny Newland MBE

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